About this Event:

We at Nestlé have always been alongside YOUth!

The event will feature 6 live workshops that will equip YOUth with the skills that they need to thrive in the modern workplace. This year, sustainability will be at the heart of the event; it has become evident that ‘’green’’ skills are now needed not just in an individual but also in a professional level - let’s not forget EU’s vision of becoming climate neutral by 2050, a promise that is certain to affect the nature of current and future jobs.

In addition to the webinars, the event will offer YOUth the opportunity to learn more about Nestlé,  browse different career opportunities at Nestlé Greece and network with representatives to better understand what life at Nestlé looks like.

This event is part of the larger global Nestle Cares for YOUth initiative, a program aimed at offering over 10 million youth economic opportunities by the year 2030. This event supports one of the program’s three main pillars - to equip youth with a fulfilling job and career.